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Rita Marinello is a Nationally Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach &

Certified Kripalu Yoga & Meditation Teacher


Rita Marinello is a Certified Kripalu Yoga and Meditation instructor, and a Nationally Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.


Her journey into Yoga, Health & Wellness began over 30 years ago when she became pregnant with her first child. She was highly motivated to have a “natural birth” as well as learn as much as she could about how to nourish her growing baby.


Yoga taught her how to truly listen to her body. She began to notice her awareness increasing in all areas of her life, on and off her yoga mat. She began, consciously making choices that benefited her lifestyle and overall sense of well-being.


Over the past 30 years, Rita has enjoyed sharing her love of Kripalu Yoga & Meditation with a diverse population, including pregnant women (Mom’s in Motion), to teaching (Kid’s Yoga) in the pre-schools & elementary schools, in colleges she’s taught, entrepreneurs, nursing students, in the community, the senior citizens, athletes, rowers, cyclist, skiers, and wounded warriors have all benefited from some yoga and meditation over the years…


In 2014 she got introduced to "Food as Medicine" and soon found her path leading directly into becoming a Functional Medicine Health Coach. In her role as a Functional Medicine, Health Coach supported many clients in making difficult lifestyle changes. 


Rita combines her unique background of yoga and meditation training, health coaching skills, along with positive psychology, and mindfulness, to create a very supportive, safe platform for her clients to move from challenging health situations towards thriving lives again. She believes that we all deserve to feel our “Best Version of Our Selves,” by living a life filled with more consistent energy, clarity, vitality and overall sense of peace & well-being.


She has hosted a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica, where her students explored Equine Therapy, the Blue Zone Principles, Healthy Living, and Longevity.


Rita’s passion and enthusiasm for Yoga & Healthy Living shine through when you’re in her presence. 

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